Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Before we begin...

    • Have we met yet?

  • 2

    Let's get started...

    • The Why

    • The What

    • The How

    • Test your Learning

  • 3

    The First Steps

    • Know Thyself

    • Know Thyself Resources

    • Know Thyself Worksheet

    • What is a Witch?

    • What is a Witch? Worksheet

    • Test your Learning

  • 4

    7 Principles of Magic

    • Overview of the Principles

    • Correspondence

    • Correspondence Worksheet

    • Mentalism

    • Mentalism Worksheet

    • Vibration

    • Vibration Worksheet

    • Cause and Effect

    • Cause and Effect Worksheet

    • Polarity and Gender

    • Polarity and Gender Worksheet

    • Rhythm

    • Rhythm Worksheet

    • The Five Other Principles of Magic

    • Test your Learning

  • 5

    Introduction to Magic

    • The Four Steps

    • Magical Purpose

    • Purpose Worksheet

    • Magical Correspondence

    • Correspondence Worksheet

    • Magical Materials

    • Materials Worksheet

    • Magical Method

    • Methods Worksheet

    • Test your Learning

  • 6

    Learning to Focus

    • Introduction to Meditation

    • Creating a Sacred Space

    • Time for Meditation

    • Breathing Exercises and Meditation Postures

    • Instructions for Breathing Exercises

    • Meditation Posture Instructions

    • Test your Learning

  • 7

    Magical Lifestyle

    • Magical Lifestyle

    • Miracle Morning: Witch Routine

    • Witch Routine Worksheet

    • Sunrise Meditation

    • Daily Witchcraft

    • Daily Witchcraft Worksheet

    • Daily Magic Associations

    • Working with the Moon's Energy

    • Moon Phase Journal

    • Mundane Magic Resources

    • Test your Learning

  • 8

    Next Steps...

    • Tips for the Solitary Witch

    • Resources for the Solitary Witch

    • Self-Dedication

    • Self Dedication Workbook Link

    • More resources for you

    • Join the Mumbleship

    • Before you Go...

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