Imagine if the secret of runes was revealed...

The word "Rune" literally means "secret" and this course is set up to guide you through learning how to use these mysterious symbols for divination and magical purposes.

  • How to select a set or create your own for divination

  • Ways to care for and cleanse your runes

  • Techniques for casting the runes so that you can read their message

  • Ideas and tips for incorporating runes into your magical practice

  • In depth history of runes based on theories of scholars

  • Stories from Norse Mythology featuring the runes

What's inside?

Course curriculum

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    A variety of content mediums (video and text) to accommodate different learning styles.

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    Lifetime access to all content (including future additions and updates) with no added cost.

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    Support throughout your learning journey as well as discussion questions to expand your experience.


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